It is my promise to you, that I will create beautifully styled imagery that showcases your unique products in the most glorious light!

Creating visual content with a ‘WOW factor’ takes a lot of time, effort & styling expertise!
Too busy running your own business to spare your precious time creating visual content?
Wanting to guarantee the images you receive are professionally styled & photographed?
Wanting your products styled, photographed & then RETURNED to you so you’re not out of pocket for your product expense?
Uncertain of whether the person you just collabed with will meet your expectations & come through with the goods?

I will work closely with you to ensure I portray your business values, mission & ethos through my curated imagery &/or videography, and leave your audience craving more! I have worked with over 100 small & large scale businesses through my product styling & photography work, some of whom I’ve featured in my Testimonials and Features & Brands pages.

Please contact me (using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page or email – if you would like additional information or would like any of your questions answered. I am here to help you!

Product Styling & Photography Services

As each brand has different needs, requirements and outcomes for their photoshoots with me, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to pricing. This is why I provide custom quotes starting from $349.

Some of the factors I consider when providing you with a quote include:
  • The TIME it will take me to complete your photoshoot from the pre-production phase (researching your brand, planning your shoot and the specific images I will take of your products, what props/backgrounds I will use & time spent sourcing these), the production phase (where the magic happens & I style & photograph your products), and the post-production phase (where I edit & retouch all of your final images). The time required for each of the above phases will depend on how basic or complex you’d like your product setups/images & how basic or complex the editing process is for the final images you’re envisaging.
  • The types and amount of props your photoshoot requires in order to achieve the styled look you are wanting.
  • How many products you are wanting photographed.
  • The total number of images you require.
  • The number of different styled ‘scene’ setups you require (e.g. one brand may want 10x images of their products all photographed within a similar setup, whereas another brand may want 10x images of their products styled & photographed in 10x completely different, unique scenes – which would of course take a lot more time).
  • The complexity of the editing and retouching process required to achieve the final images you are wanting.
  • Whether you require location, models or prop hire.

Videography Services

Video is the new favoured content for many social media platforms – think Tik Tok, Instagram reels, stories IGTV, Facebook stories, website clips! You name it – video content is EVERYWHERE! We all know just how beautiful video footage of your styled products can look, and how appealing this is to your potential customers!

Some of the reasons you may want video content shot alongside your product photographs:

  • So many extra product features can be highlighted within motion film (i.e. the function of your product, how engaging it is, how it can be interacted with, the texture & colour of the material, and the list goes on…).
  • Video can connect with your customers in a different way to still photography. It can evoke emotion, tell your brand story, and ultimately leave your customers wanting more! More of your products & more of your brand!
  • I can create short-form video clips for you to then utilise any way you want (i.e. use them in your Instagram stories, turn them into reels, use as product clips on your website – the list goes on!).
  • Alternatively, I can also provide you with complete, edited Instagram REELS, stories or IGTV, or website clips. Whatever your wish for video footage (apart from a feature film!)- let’s chat further!

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