Kids Interiors Inspiration Guide for Parents

I’m always looking for new interior inspiration, whether it be for an upcoming room restyle, a DIY hack project, or just because I’m actually totally addicted!!! I often find myself lost in online scrolling and inspo pinning, and always find myself visiting & revisiting both the Kids Interiors website and their Pinterest board. 

Did you know that the Kids Interiors website  has a huge inventory of inspirational kids interior shops and brands, as well as an entire ‘Styling’ section showcasing beautiful room styleboards complete with source lists of where to find each product. It makes it so much easier when looking for styling inspo for your next project, as everything is on the one website- ideas, inspiration, style boards and direct weblinks to products! There’s endless hours of scroll-stopping inspiration- trust me, I’ve spent many hours lost within their blogposts, room tours, style boards and ‘top favourite’ product picks.They even have a ‘Sale’ section that features beautiful children’s & home decor stores having sales (deadly for keen online shoppers like myself hehe!). 

And now, my very own Archie’s nursery will be amongst the incredible children’s rooms featured on their website! What an honour! Below are just a few of my favourite childrens’ room inspiration from Kids Interiors. Happy scrolling!

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