Hola & Welcome

Welcome to STYLED by Jemma. My home away from home. A place to showcase my interior dreams and to hopefully inspire & help you to do the same. Whether that be adding a touch of “va-va-voom” to your living area, reorganising & revamping your child’s play space or simply adding a sprinkle of sparkle to their bedroom… I am here to help! 

From e-design and interior styling, to product photography & content creation services, I am here to help your creative vision become a reality! Whether that be personally- for & within your home, or professionally- through my curated product styling & photography for your  business. 

And if none of the above tickles your fancy, may you simply have fun scrolling! I hope my interior styling, product photography & DIY blog posts provide you with creative inspiration for your next interior project. I’ll leave you for now with this cute lil photo (taken by the beautiful Bianca Kate Photography) of my two bunnies – Matilda & Archie, when Archie was a little freshy & Matilda was only 22 months (2 under 2 – what was I thinking?!!!).

Happy Faffing 

Jem xx

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